Bill Stidham

"Music places my life... Not counting my belief system of course... Yes, music is the storehouse that triggers my memory. It accompanies every mood and emotion I have and gives it context. I obviously feel it deeply. Eight years ago I was puttering along with my art career. I really had no idea of what it took to be successful. In fact, I was damn near ready to quit. (cont...)

"It was too frustrating. My longest held dream was to make a living as a “creative.” At 41 years old, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. I had always been somewhat adverse to painting celebrities, but my friend Donna Galvanauskas sent me a copy of Willie Nelson’s book – “The Tao of Willie” and I was compelled. It made perfect sense to me… I had to paint Willie Nelson."

-an excerpt from Bill's bio. Read the whole thing here.

Why I Love Austin

"Austin formed me as a person.  Austin was always exotic to me...  Going to the University of Texas in the 80’s was a revelation to the possibilities of what it meant to be a Texan.  Living there as an adult affirmed that I wasn’t crazy /different.  I fit in.  Felt normal being different.  My own man.  Until the day I die... wherever I am in the world... AUSTIN will form my sensibilities."